Gone For A Minute But I’m Back Now

Some of you may have noticed that I disappeared for a little bit. Well, there isn’t really one reason, but a few reasons that ended up piling up on top of each other. First of which being that I threw out my back and wasn’t feeling 100% for like a month. So that was preventing me from being able to take photos, although I did try to power through some and still post on instagram.

Shortly after that, my husband and I bought a house and my mom ended up moving in with us as well. She’s starting to become forgetful and we thought this was the best/least stressful option for everyone. However, less stressful still means pretty stressful when you have to adjust to seeing your loved one struggle to come up with the words she needs.


The process of moving really threw off my wellness game since you have to basically live out of boxes for months. Since we were living out of boxes, we had to eat out a lot and I’m one who struggles a lot with making healthy decisions when I go out to eat. For almost every meal I was picking very heavy unhealthy things. It was getting hard to try to post something healthy when that’s not how I was actually living. I started feeling very sick and nauseous all over again and I had pretty much no energy. I was just stuck in a bad cycle of laziness, not wanting to meal plan, shop, or cook anything. So, I just completely backed off from posting for a while. And it all left me feeling sick and isolated so I fell into a depression.

I knew I needed a complete 180 though, so I started first by just looking for inspiration to get me back on track. I found that a lot more people are willing to be open about their struggles with anxiety than struggles with depression. I wonder why that is? Fear? Too much pain? Because there’s still a lot of stigma about it?


Anyway, I remembered one of my favorite books, A Mind of Your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan and it gave me the tiniest boost I needed to at least make one change. Which was just a simple one of making Be Well by Kelly’s Fab Four smoothie every morning. This change alone started to help my gut feel better, and when that started to feel better, I wanted to keep making more changes. And since gut health is connected to mental health, I also started feeling the depression lifting. Which made me want to make better decisions, so my stomach didn’t feel so horrible anymore.

I’ve gone back to eating paleo again and I’m trying to implement the Fab Four for every meal, plus I got a beginners Kundalini yoga dvd on Amazon (had to dust off my dvd player), as advised by Dr. Brogan in her book. Kundalini yoga is more meditation and breathing based with some stretching. Those 2 changes combine have really helped pull me out of my funk and made me feel more balanced. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just snap your finger drink a smoothie and you’re better. It’s always an ongoing process/struggle.


So now that I’m back, is there anything from before that you want to see more or less of? I missed you guys and I’m excited to be back. Thanks for hanging in with me!

5 thoughts on “Gone For A Minute But I’m Back Now

  1. I’m so glad you’re back! Your posts keep me motivated when I get in that same kind of funk you’re talking about! I love your new product posts and foodie posts! And all natural beauty posts! You’ve got me hooked on so many new products now!

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  2. Hi Laura! I’m happy that you are on the path of feeling better. I alternate Kundalini yoga with Ashtanga, and I do notice a feeling of equilibrium since I started Kundalini. I’m still getting accustomed to the chanting, but hey, if it works, it works. Sending you big hugs and love from Montreal xox
    p.s. speaking of yoga and the fact that you have goats, maybe you can start one of those trendy goat yoga schools LOL

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    1. Lol! Someone else mentioned that goat yoga to me too. And yeah Kundalini is definitely an adjustment and different but I definitely feel better physically and mentally after. I wish we had a place that did classes here, I’ve just been doing dvd’s

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