The Simplest, Most Effective Way to Cover a Pimple

I’m sure a lot of you will already know this info, but this is for all of you out there who still struggle with covering blemishes. It’s pretty simple actually. It’s all just in the technique. I like to use a small brush like this Cozzette one or this Smith Cosmetics one. I know they say lip brushes but you can use any brush for anything you want really. And these brushes are perfect for covering little blemishes. You want to lightly dab on your concealer.


A lot of people just slap it on and blend the whole thing out. This will leave you with a slightly less red spot. So, you want to just blend the outside edges of your concealer with the small brush. This way it’s still very pigmented on top of the pimple, where all the redness is, but the edges are blended out so everything is hidden. Repeat where it’s needed.


Normally, I always do my foundation first, unless I’m only spot covering. This way I only have to conceal what the foundation doesn’t cover and I’m not just making the concealer slide around as I’m applying foundation. Lastly, set with powder and that’s it! Like I always say, if this is a struggle, practice makes perfect. So don’t give up!

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