Beauty Heroes May Discovery: Max and Me

This month’s Beauty Heroes treated subscribers to Circle of Protection body oil plus a mini body oil, and a mini face oil by a brand called Max and Me. In their words “Max and Tanja’s marriage birthed, max and me“ a beautifully holistic, purely organic, highly vibrant, luminous skincare collection – the culmination of their love, their belief, their journeys throughout the world and their deep connection with the healing powers of nature”


Circle of Protection body oil is an oil that works on a physical and energetic level to support radiance and luminosity, inside and out. It’s blended with highly vibrant plant materials and essences like skin enhancing manuka, repairing jasmine, protective and nurturing vetiver, rejuvenating and moisturizing rose, and much much more. But this oil is meant for more than just protecting your skin from environmental challenges and the elements. It’s more meant for meditating and strengthening your aura.


The Enchanted Face oil is meant for all skin types. Usually, when I hear this I’m very skeptical. I have extremely dry skin and when something says for all skin types it’s usually not nourishing enough for me. However, with this Enchanted oil that is not the case! Not only does it smell amazing but it’s also so hydrating without creating a grease slick. It’s packed with argan, marula, macadamia nut, rosehip, pomegranate, evening primrose to repair and soothe your skin. And it smells so fabulous because of the jasmine, frangipani, champaca, rose, sandalwood and lavender.


While the body oil has a really great texture and beautiful smell, I’m not one to use scents when I meditate. My favorite way to use body oils is when I get out of the shower to deeply hydrate my skin. But the face oil I’m a huge fan of and I wish the bigger sample had been of that and not a double of the main hero.

Do you guys have Beauty Heroes and have you tried these oils? What do you think?

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