Covering Dark Circles

I was lucky enough to inherit dark circles. No matter how much sleep I get, or what products I use, they’re always there. So I like a concealer with full coverage and Hynt Beauty’s Perfecting Concealer is perfect to get the job done. It’s SUPER pigmented, so a little goes a long way, which means your product will last a long time.


First, I like to use the shade light for my undereye area, and just dab it in. This helps brighten up the area and makes you appear more awake then you might really be. Then, I go in with the smallest amount of medium so it’s just a hint lighter than the rest of my skin tone. After each application, I check in the mirror by simply tilting my head down but looking up with my eyes (awkwardly shown in the video below). At this angle, it really shows off how covered or not they are. If it’s still dark I add more.


Lastly, I just set it with powder so it doesn’t slide all over my face and finish the rest of my makeup.

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