No Makeup, Makeup Look

No makeup, makeup is all about perfecting the skin and making sure your foundation and concealer match your skin flawlessly. It’s about looking effortless even though sometimes it can take the most effort. #iwokeuplikethis On my own face, my biggest struggle is concealing my dark circles and hyperpigmentation. Which is why I like a full coverage products. But really this can be achieved with light – full coverage just depends on your personal preference.


I always start with getting my eyebrows in place by brushing them up followed by a coat of Jane Iredale PureBrow in brunette and curling my lashes. Then I apply my base coat of Luminous foundation from Vapour Beauty in 120. I know there’s always debate about foundation or concealer 1st. I ALWAYS do foundation 1st (unless I’m spot correcting with concealer only) because a good foundation will cover most imperfection leading you to use less concealer so your product will last longer. Also because if you’re concealing 1st chances are when you apply the foundation you’re going to make up concealer slide all over your face anyway since you can’t set it before the foundation.


Next, I’ll go in and correct any imperfections I still see, starting with those dark circles because they’re always there. Then, moving on to my hyperpigmentation and any blemishes I have at the time. I always use Hynt Beauty’s Perfecting Concealer in shades medium and light. It’s VERY pigmented so a little goes a long way.


After that, I set everything with my Sally B’s Get Even Finishing Powder, and apply a couple of swipes of mascara. Then, I lightly press in some RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Modest for a natural flush. Lastly, I finish it off with either lip balm or a lip color that’s similar to mine but better. Like this Vapour Beauty Siren Lipstick in Desire. It’s a nice rosy nude, a great “my lip shade but better” lipstick.


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