My 3 Favorite Magazines

I use to love conventional magazines. I liked to look at all the fashion, hair, beauty, and even food “trends” from all the big name magazines. But then, when I saved up my pretty pennies and went to makeup school in London, I was shown the difference between an actual fashion & beauty mags as opposed to consumerism mags. What’s the difference you ask? A consumerism magazine (which is what we mostly have here in The States) is just trying to sell you something. And I’m not just talking about the ads, I’m talking cover to cover, they’re trying to sell you something, yes sometimes even in the articles. They’re not trying to show the art or fashion or trying to be educational and teach you something, they just want you to buy.


After my eyes were open to this, it was hard to look at the magazines I had once loved the same again. I felt like I was always looking for something more. I wanted something that was informative and still nice on the eyes. I wasn’t even searching for options when Thoughtfully Magazine kind of fell in my lap, figuratively. And it was everything I didn’t even realize I wanted at the time. In their words “Thoughtfully Magazine is for those that want to live thoughtfully. We believe in giving thought to what you put in and on your body, and how it affects the environment.” You can tell the whole magazine has so much love and thought put into it.


Next, I found Belong Magazine, I think through Thoughtfully’s instagram actually. And I’m so glad I did because it was one of the big pushes that helped me actually start this blog. Brooke, the founder, and editor says “Belong Magazine is a quarterly digital and print magazine celebrating the art and community of blogging, social media, and entrepreneurship. In all that we do, we desire for women to use their passions for a purpose, to inspire women to be authentic, to be life-giving and to encourage one another. We want women to know that they are enough, that they matter and that they have a place. They belong.” And it’s definitely all that and more. There are so many great tips and tricks for social networking and blogging. Featuring honest, helpful points of view, from smart and successful women.


Lastly, I found Darling Magazine. Like it says on the back of their magazines ” Darling Magazine is the art of being a woman. Darling Magazine holds the modern mold of women up to the fire to evoke a discussion on feminity and re-shape and authentic design. Darling is a catalyst for positive change; leading women to discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity, and womanhood without degradation.” How could you not love that? It’s like they rolled up everything I want in life and put it in a magazine.


Are there any indie or non-consumerism magazines you like?

7 thoughts on “My 3 Favorite Magazines

    1. If you love thoughtfully you’ll love belong too! They have so much advice from successful women so there’s a lot of great social media/ work based advice.


  1. YES to the majority of fashion magazines being consumerism-focused. Either overtly, or covertly- its just frustrating to be sold a book of ads. I’ve never heard of Belong or Darling. They sound amazing, and since you love them so much I bet they are. I’ll definitely be checking them out!

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    1. Right!? I feel like the older I got the more I was like these magazines suck. Like you said I was tired of being sold a book of ads! Belong is so great for social media advice/ tips. You can even find it at most Barnes and nobles

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