Gratitude & The 5 Minute Journal

I’m not always the best at remembering to be grateful for the things in my life, getting better, but it’s always a work in progress. It’s not that I’m not grateful, it’s just that sometimes when things aren’t going smoothly, it’s hard for me to point out the positives. Sometimes I want to just dwell for a second in my misery, but that’s never good and it’s not useful.

Recently, I got this 5 Minute Journal, they say “COMPLAIN LESS, APPRECIATE MORE – The Five Minute Journal helps you cultivate gratitude. It changes how you feel, alters the actions you take, and therefore the results you will create…negativity be gone! ” So I thought why not give it a shot. I’ve been doing it for a few months now and it’s helped me start to look at things differently. When you wake up, you have to list things you are grateful for, what you think would make today great and a daily affirmation. Then in the evenings, you write 3 amazing things that happened during the day and how you could’ve made it better.


It has already started changing my perspective on things, which is crazy to me because I never thought it would be that helpful. It’s made me really focus on all the good things in my life big and small. It’s pretty simple really, be grateful for what you have and that equals happiness. Having a grass is greener on the other side mentality will only bring you sadness and jealousy. So let’s all appreciate what we have and lift others up for the things they’ve worked hard at getting too.

This week I’m grateful for having a warm home to go to, getting a job interview with an amazing woman owned and run company here in Portland, and of course my little family. What are you grateful for?


6 thoughts on “Gratitude & The 5 Minute Journal

  1. This post was on time for me! This morning I was a tad frustrated but I prayed and my spirit was renewed. I agree with you, you HAVE to appreciate the now even if it’s not our ideal situation because it is prepping us for something bigger. Lovely and Inspiring post 🙂

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    1. Yes! And I need constant reminders (especially lately) of all the good things. That’s why it’s so nice to find others that help lift you up! Thanks for all the love sending some love right back to you 💕

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