3 Green Beauty Lipcolors Great for Spring

It’s Spring guys! I’m so excited to have warmer weather, we had a rough Winter over here in the Pacific Northwest. And even though we’re still having some cold days, I’m ready for shorts, tank tops, and sandals. I can, however, switch my beauty products to spring colors, and I definitely have been. I can already tell there are 3 shades I’ll be reaching for all season.

  • Modern Minerals Emotive Lip Gloss in Goddess – A beautiful garnet red that gives your lips a perfect flush. It leaves your lips slightly tingly, but not sticky at all.
  • Axiology Organic Lipstick in Attitude – This gorgeous hot pink has a blue shift, which sounds intimidating, but it’s great for all skin tones and all occasions.
  • Vapour Beauty Arua Multi Use in Spark – A perfect peach for spring. This one is great because you can use it for blush, lip color, or even on your lid if you wanted.

What are you guys loving?

10 thoughts on “3 Green Beauty Lipcolors Great for Spring

    1. I love that peach so much! It’s so nice since it’s multi-use and a stick I just throw it in my bag for anytime I need some color in a pinch. And I’ve seriously used it for everything, lips, cheeks, and eyes. If we’re ever in the same city I’ll find a pink perfect for you 🙂


    1. They’re almost like a lipstick/ balm/ stain comb. They pretty much wear like a balm but with the more vibrant colors they’ll wear away and look like a stain. They’re coming out with lip crayons in like a week or 2 though! So you might want to wait and check those out 1st. I saw a small pic in an email and already wanted one bad! Ha

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