Innersense Hydrating Collection

If you’ve been following me, you may remember me mentioning that I haven’t been able to find good green curly hair products. Well, that totally changed this month thanks to Beauty Heroes! First, let me tell you a little about my favorite organic beauty subscription service, Beauty Heroes. Their mission is to introduce you to clean, safe, luxury products that, in my opinion, perform better than any of the conventional products I was using before. You get at least 1 full-size product, plus a sidekick (sometimes more than that) for a little under $40 a month. Which is a steal considering they’re luxury products that are $70 – $100 for just one product.


This month we were treated to the entire new Innersense Hydrating Collection, and I am infatuated! The collection included the Hydrating Cream Hair Bath, Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner, and Harmonic Healing Oil for the sidekick. With notes of vanilla and sage, they smell delicious!  It has Shea butter, tamanu, and flax seed oils to nourish and mend, which gave my curls deep hydration and definition. More than I’ve even had before. The Hair Bath is so gentle and lathers so well, somehow without stripping my hair of moisture. And the Cream Conditioner gave me the perfect amount of moisture, without weighing my curls down. My hair has never felt so deeply nourished. So, if you have curly or dry hair, the hair bath and cream conditioner are definitely worth checking out. Also, if you like subscription services, Beauty Heroes is the place to go! You can get the whole collection until the end of March (wish is around the corner!) on Beauty Heroes or you can get trials of liter sizes on the Innersense site.

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