Why Staying Hydrated is so Important

Staying hydrated is so important, yes that can sound redundant but people say it for a reason. 50 – 60% of your body is water, it helps all of your organs function they will literally stop working without water. Drinking water is something that’s very important and serious, It’s actual life juice! A good way to tell if you’re hydrated enough is by pinching some skin on the top of your hand and if the skin stays standing like a tent for any amount of time, you are dehydrated. A well-hydrated body, the skin will just bounce right back. If your skin stays “tented” it’s critical and you need water asap. I’m not talking flavored anything, I’m talking straight up clean fresh plain old water.


Helping your organs function is hardly the only benefit though, water helps your body in so many ways. Feeling like your energy is zapped? It’s possible you need more water. Most people reach for the coffee 1st thing in the morning. But it’s dehydrating, so 1st try to drink some water before your coffee, and really another cup after your coffee too. If you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated, and even mild dehydration can zap your energy and can lead to muscle weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and all kinds of other complications.


Water helps hydrate your skin, which is the biggest organ of your body. It helps plump your skin, and even out your complex. Which means fewer pimples and fewer wrinkles, who doesn’t want that!? If you talk to any makeup artist ever they’ll always say good skin starts with a good diet and plenty of water. If your skin isn’t hydrated it won’t matter how much product you use. And there are so many more benefits but we would be here all day if we went over them all.


One more thing to consider is what you drink your water out of. Not only are water bottles wasteful and take a long time to break down but, they are also leaching tons of chemicals into that water you’re drinking. A good alternative is a glass water bottle and a pitcher to filter your water. A good glass water bottle should last you a long time. My favorites are bkr bottles, but any reusable bottle is good. In the long run, a reusable bottle will save you money since you’re not buying bottle after bottle.


9 thoughts on “Why Staying Hydrated is so Important

  1. A while ago, let’s say half a year ago, I made a pact with myself to drink loads of water. My skins improved drastically. My skin was always red and covered with pimples, but now it’s all gone. Well, not completely, it still has it’s moments, but it is much much better. I used to wear a full face of foundation just to cover the terrible skin I had, but now I can even get away with not wearing any, if I am really lucky and having a good day. The downside is you have to pee. A lot.

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    1. So many people are horrible at this, but it’s so good for you. And that’s what I tell everyone, as soon as you’re actually hydrated enough you’ll feel great and when you get dehydrated you’ll really notice. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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