How I Clean my Makeup Tools

Clean makeup tools are very important, every time you touch something to your face it’s picking up the bacteria on your face. Which, can cause breakouts or even infection if you don’t wash them. So I try to spot clean them after every use and wash them once a week. Keeping them clean also extends their lifetime because there are no bacteria to break them down.


There are all kinds of brush cleaners out there now. You want something that will cleanse without being drying. My favorite is Brush Me Off Soap by Bubble Babez, it cleans, sanitizes, and conditions. It’s also made with only 8 all natural ingredients, they even have a vegan one! I’ll never use anything else again.


So first off I rinse my brush or beauty blender in water then put it straight in the Brush Me Off Soap. If it’s a round brush like a blending or powder brush I’ll swirl it around in a circle lightly. If it’s a flat brush like a shadow or foundation brush I’ll swipe back and forth lightly. You never want to use too much pressure because it can ruin your tools. And with the beauty blender, I just rub it around in the soap.


From there I take my Brush Egg and using the same light motions as before I scrub the brushes. There are also tons scrubbing tools on the market now too, a lot of people even use legos. They all work, so it’s really just about personal preference.


After that, I rinse the soap out by running it under the water and gently squeezing at the same time. Once the water runs clear I’ll gently squeeze out the excess water one more time and put a Brush Guard on all my round brushes.


Lastly, I put them on the edge of my makeup table or bathroom counter (somewhere where they won’t get knocked off) so the hairs are hanging off the edge. This way air can hit the hairs on all sides for a more even dry so nothing can get moldy. I usually try to do it at night so they can dry while I sleep and they won’t be bothered. That way you can wake up in the morning with fresh clean tools. How do you guys clean your makeup tools? What kind of things do you use to clean them?

7 thoughts on “How I Clean my Makeup Tools

    1. lol I know random right. But so many makeup artists love legos for scrubbing. 😊 I just order mine from but I’m sure if you went to the brush guards site they might tell you where they’re sold in person

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