Naturally Highlighted

Last week we went over Contouring so, I thought this week we could touch on highlighting in a natural way. First and foremost, with anything having to do with makeup it will always look better with a healthy diet, proper hydration, and a good skincare routine. Another thing that can effect application is what skincare products you use. If your moisturizer is too greasy it will make you look oily and can even make your makeup slide off your face, no matter how many mattifying products you use. If your skin is too dry, it will look patchy or flaky and the makeup will actually accentuate the flaws.


After you have your diet, hydration, and good skincare down, most likely your skin will be glowing on its own and won’t need much highlighting help. However, even when I have all of that down, I still like a little extra highlight because it’s my favorite. Now I’m not talking highlighting with a lighter shade of concealer to give the illusion your face is a different shape. I’m talking about giving the peaks of your face an extra boost of glow with a highlighting product. For this, I’ll be using one of my favorites, Vapour Organic Beauty Halo highlighter.


Highlighting naturally is pretty easy. Like I just mentioned you want to hit the peaks of the face. Think brow bone right under your brow, top of your cheek bone, bridge of the nose, the cupid’s bow of the lip. I’ve mentioned the “C-shape” from brow bone down to cheek bone I always highlight. I just press product in mid-brow on the brow bone and take it down to the cheek bone till it lines up under my iris in my eye. The whole time I’m staying on what’s called your orbital bone around your eye socket. Then I blend, always blend everything. This is what keeps it looking pro and not just like you slapped products on.


For nose highlighting, I like to just press product in on the length of the nose. There’s a little debate with highlighting the tip of your nose. Most pro makeup artists don’t do it, but a lot of instagram artists love to. I was taught by some amazing pro artists and being one myself, I am of course on the anti nose tip highlighting. To me, it’s like putting a light bulb on the end of your nose, like look at me! But, if you’re into it, then do it. Makeup is supposed to be fun, so if you’re not sure what you’re into, try both and decide for yourself.


Last but not least, the cupid’s bow, it’s the M or “bow” shape at the top of your lip. When I’m highlighting this area, I just use whatever product is left on my brush and lightly dust the cupid’s bow. If it needs more blending, I just use my finger and press it in more.

3 thoughts on “Naturally Highlighted

    1. You’re too sweet! I don’t know if you saw the other comment on here but she mentioned about contouring under the bottom lip, which I forgot in my contour post, but it’s a nice complement to highlighting the Cupid’s bow. 😊


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