Valentines Day Look

I think whether you have a date or not on Valentines you always want to look great, right? I thought I would post a Valentines Day makeup look idea in case you need some inspo. With a bold eye and 2 lip options! One neutral, one bold. When I’m doing a bold eye I tend to start with that, well after I curl my lashes and comb my brows upward of course. That way if any pigments get out of control or if I place something where I don’t want it, it’s very easy to correct. Don’t want to make a hole in your foundation or concealer.


After I fill in my brows, I like to take a neutral color and blend it into my crease and up just a bit toward my brow bone. I’m using the Ash and Ember Eye Soot in Love Spell by Rituel de Fille. Next, I packed Viscera, a nice cranberry shade perfect for Valentines Day, on my lid, then blend.  After that, I took Obsidian and pack it only in the outer corner so some depth, blend again. Once it’s all blended I went back in with Viscera and packed some more on in the middle of the lid. The great thing about these eye soots is a little goes a lonnnnnnnng way and they’re totally buildable. Don’t blend after that last application of Viscera.


I took a bit of Love Spell to line the whole bottom of my lash line, and a little bit of Viscera to line half of the lash line. For my liner, I’m using Vapour Organic Beauty’s Mesmerize Eyeliner in the color truffle. Which I push into my top lash line and put on my top waterline for a more sultry eye. I know lining the top water line can be scary for some, but it’s really not that bad. If you lift your eyelid it makes it easier. Just make sure you’re being careful not to poke yourself in the eye. After that, I’ll use just a bit on the outer edge of my bottom lash line.  Lastly, I coat both top and bottom lashes with my Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments mascara.


After all that, I’ll clean up any fallout, do my foundation, and conceal anything that needs it. Next, I press highlighter in from my brow bone down to my cheekbone in a “C” shape, the middle of my nose, and my cupid’s bow. For this look, I’m using Rare Light Luminizer in Anthelion. It’s a gold base highlighter with a red shift, perfect for Valentines. Next up, I press Very Vivacious by Tata Harper into the apples of my cheeks. Then blend out my face.


Lastly, for the nude lip option, I lined my lips with Spice lipliner from Jane Iredale followed up with Chère siren lipstick by Vapour Organic Beauty. A beautiful soft mauve nude. If you struggle with lip liner, try starting toward the middle of your lip and coloring outward. Most of the time I color in my whole lips with lipliner 1st because lip liner has better staying power than other lip products.


For the bold lip, I chose Written in Blood by Rituel De Fille. A universally flattering blood red.

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