Benefits of Tea

By now, it’s no secret that I love tea, borderline obsessed. However, I am a little biased, I love loose leaf tea, but don’t care for tea bags much. Oh yeah, I also really love Metolius tea by the way. 🙂 Tea that comes in tea bags is chopped up into little bits and over processed. And most tea bags are bleached, so that’s added chemicals. When you switch to loose leaf and try to go back to tea bags, you’ll notice a difference in taste and quality. Tea bag tea has a very metallic (and chemical, if you ask me) taste compared to loose leaf. All the different types of tea, white, yellow, green, herbal, red, oolong, puer, black, have their own separate benefits. White, yellow, and green have the most benefits though (and it’s what I drink mostly), so I’ll mostly be talking about them.


I started my obsession with tea when I was having health issues. It was one of the only things that was soothing to my stomach, for many reasons. I think a lot of people know tea aids in digestion. It does this by stimulating the elimination of fats. However, it can inhibit the absorption of iron and calcium from foods while digesting. So it’s recommended that you drink tea 30 mins before or after your meal, and not during.


 Unlike coffee, which is dehydrating, green tea has been proven to actually help rehydrate your body. I know all you coffee drinkers are probably out there rolling your eyes or telling me you need it. So, if you feel you can’t give up coffee completely, try replacing 1 cup a day with matcha. Or if you only drink coffee once a day, try switching to every other day.


White, yellow, and green teas are packed with antioxidants, and if you weren’t aware, antioxidants are little powerhouses of health benefits. They help burn fat by speeding up your metabolism, they help improve immunities for things like colds and the flu, they have even been called a super medicine for helping guard and prevent things like cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.


 Most of my tea knowledge has either come from Peter at Song Tea in San Francisco, if you’re in the area, it’s my favorite tea house in SF. And from this amazing book that’s packed with info. They break ALL the info down. They go through the different teas, the different regions, different pots, they even have a small section of recipes featuring tea! So if you’re looking to learn more, I highly recommend it.

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