3 Tips for Looking Well Rested, Even When You’re Not

Sometimes there are those mornings where you’re so exhausted that you can’t be bothered to get out of bed until you’ve hit snooze about 40 times. And when I do finally get up it looks like I haven’t even slept for 40 days. However! There are a few tricks you can do to make yourself appear fresh and well rested, even when you’re struggling to stay awake.


Curling lashes & combing brows – Both of these make your eyes appear more open and alert. Don’t believe me? Try doing one side and taking a step back from your mirror to look at the difference. Make sure you curl your lashes in at least 2 different spots. Other wise your lashes end up in an L shape, and no one wants that. Of course, I follow this up with mascara because, if there’s one thing I absolutely never skip, it’s mascara.


Concealing – Dark circles will be the death of me. Unfortunately for me, they’re genetic. So no matter how much sleep I get, they’re not leaving. Luckily my little love, concealer, is here to save the day. You want to concentrate on the parts that are darkest. So it’s not necessary to take the concealer from inner corner to outer corner. If you take it to the outer corner, there’s a chance it will settle into your crows feet lines (if you have them). A way to check if they’re concealed enough is to tilt your head down like you’re looking at the floor then with your eyes only look up at the mirror. If they’re not concealed enough, they will stand out way more in this position. If you can’t see any darkness, good job, now just powder over top to set it and you’re good to go.


Blush – Think about kids, and how they almost always have rosy cheeks and how the rosiness almost makes them look more youthful. As we get older, that effect tends to diminish, but that’s ok because we have blush! Nothing makes you look fresher and more alert than a little color in your face. It also helps draw the eye away from the dark circles and sleepy eyes.


If you’re short on time, just doing these 3 is a good option and a big time saver. What do you do to look well rested?



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