5 Ways I Stay Organized

I wouldn’t say I’m a clean freak, but at least weekly, I like to/ need to clean and make sure everything’s on track. If I don’t everything falls apart a bit, which isn’t the end of the world, but it does leave me feeling very anxious. There are a few tricks that help me stay organized and on track.

Planning – Having things physically written out in front of my face really helps. I have 2 calendar white boards that I use to stay 2 months ahead on meal planning and to post goals. I also have a planner where I keep everything scheduled, work, social events, travel, birthdays, workouts, etc. Having it all written down helps me not feel lost or overwhelmed when it’s chaotic.


Notes/ Brainstorming – I’m always thinking of new creative ideas for makeup and the blog, so I have a couple notebooks to jot down my ideas when they come to me. This way when I feel like I’m having an idea block, I can just refer to my notes and hopefully find something to inspire me.


Don’t Put it Off – After I do all my planning, I know I have to get to work. If I procrastinate and let everything build up, either it doesn’t get done or I get very anxious and overwhelmed. So this one is pretty easy, just do everything in a timely manner and get it done.


Time Cushions – While I’m making my schedule I make sure to put in some time cushions. So that when things do get too busy, it’s ok if a task needs to be put off.


Checklists – I got this handy dry erase checklist when I got my planner, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Weekly I can list what my priorities are, and then it’s satisfying to erase or check off the tasks as I finish them.


How do you stay organized?

P.S. Forgive my handwriting, please 🙂

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