Everything’s Better in Moderation

I wholeheartedly believe that food, beauty, work, alcohol, opinions, sometimes even company ;), are all better in moderation. Create healthy habits, not restrictions.


Food & diet wise, moderation actually helps me stay on track. I generally eat mostly veggies with just some meat. But when I want to stuff my face with pizza or a burger, I don’t beat myself up about it after. I just try to bounce back to healthy eating. You don’t have to feel like just because you ate something unhealthy your diet is ruined, just jump back to healthy. If 80% of your diet is nice clean nutritious food, that pizza won’t have such a big impact (or at least that’s what I tell myself). Another good little tip is cut everything in half and just eat half of your indulgent meal. You can save the rest for later or even just split a dish with someone.


I think with everything in life you should do what suits you best and makes you happy. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or anything else, it’s all good. If you love green beauty but also really love a matte lipstick then go for it! No one is perfect, so cut yourself a break and decide what’s right for you.

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