My go to Everyday Look

You might have noticed that I’m a huge fan of keeping things simple. I don’t want to spend hours every day on skincare and makeup, occasionally yes, but all the time? No way! So my go to everyday makeup look is uncomplicated. I like to keep it clean and simple, focusing mostly on perfecting the skin. Before I even start with any actual makeup, I curl my lashes and put on some lip balm. This way I don’t have to worry about the eyelash curler messing anything up that I’ve already put on. The lip balm helps prep my lips for whatever color I’m using, this way they’re silky smooth. 🙂


Foundation & Concealer – My skin leans to the dryer side, so this Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in #120 from Vapour Organic Beauty is perfect. It’s designed for normal, sensitive and dry skin types. Before I swapped out most of my personal beauty products for green ones, I used to love, love, LOVE Armani foundation. The 1st time I heard about Vapour Beauty, I tried just a sample of this foundation and never even went back to the Armani one! It gave me the same coverage and same finish. If I use foundation in a look, I always do it 1st because, with a good foundation, it should have good enough coverage and pigmentation that you should need barely to no concealer.


And for the times I do need to conceal, I really love Duet Perfecting Concealers in light and medium from Hynt beauty. They’re full coverage, lightweight, so smooth and so creamy. I mix the shades light and medium together to match my skin tone. When I’m in a rush, I’ll just spot correct with concealer and skip the full face of foundation 1st. And then I finish all that off with my Sally B’s Skin Yummies Get Even Finishing Powder.


Eyes & Brows – After concealing, I’ll do a couple swipes of PureBrow in brunette by Jane Iredale through each brow. Then I’ll grab my Perfetto pressed eye shadow by Hynt. I have a few colors, so I usually just decide which color goes with whatever I’m going to wear that day. Probably Crystal Taupe (pictured) and Khaki Star are my two favorites. I’ll blend that out and bring a little underneath my eye at my lash line. After that, I grab my mascara, I like the one from Juice Beauty (which is unfortunately not pictured because my dog got a hold of it right when I needed it). To save time, I usually skip liner.


Highlighting – Highlighter is probably my fav product. I feel like it takes me from looking drab and tired to fresh and rested. If you didn’t know, I really love this Halo Illuminator by Vapour Beauty. It gives you a really natural and beautiful glow. I’ll apply it under my brow in a C shape down to the top of my cheekbone, and blennnnnnnnnd. If I want to kick it up a notch, I’ll dust this Rose Quartz pigment from Modern Minerals on top. It’s technically an eyeshadow, but I like it for a highlighter. For my quick everyday look, I don’t really contour, if I’m honest I don’t really contour at all.


Blush – I like to apply my blush after I highlight and if I was to contour, I would do that before blush too. That way you’re not left with 3 stripes on your face. Personally, I like the finish of cream blushes, which I just press into my skin with my fingers and blend it out. These Aura Multi Use sticks by Vapour Beauty are some of my favorites. I love the color Artemis for my everyday look, it’s a nice midtone berry.


Lips – With the theme of keeping it simple, my go-to lip is this Lip and Cheek tint in Very Charming by Tata Harper. It’s a nice petal pink that I just press into my lips with my finger for more of a natural stained look. Whenever you’re pressing things into the skin or blending with your fingers, it’s best to use your ring finger. Weirdly it gives the perfect amount of pressure, not too much, not too little.


After all that, I’ll usually grab a clean face brush and just give my face one last good blend so everything looks soft and seamless. What’s your go-to routine?


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