Let’s talk brows

As a makeup artist, the one feature I get asked about most is brows. People always want product recommendations and application tips. So this post is for all you brow junkies out there. First off, I like a brow that looks like a real brow, not an overdrawn sharpie brow. I prefer powder and gel to pencils and pomades. But really, as long as the product is the right color, you can achieve a good brow with any product you choose. For a really simple & quick brow, you can just take tinted brow gel and brush it through each brow and be on your way. I really like this PureBrow gel in brunette by Jane Iredale.


When I have more time, I like to fill them in with this cream to powder eye brow definer from Hynt Beauty in Espresso. I received this Wayne Goss brow set in a beauty box once, so that’s what I like to use to fill in my brows. First, I take the comb or spoolie (the mascara wand looking one)  and brush my brows up. This helps open your eye up more and actually helps you look more awake. Don’t believe me? Just do one, then back away from the mirror a bit and you’ll be able to see a difference. Then I’ll take the angled brush and with my brow definer, draw a line along the bottom of the brow.


Next, I’ll start to blend that line upward and with the brush, draw little dashes mimicking brow hairs. Having more pressure at the “root” of the dash, you’re drawing and having lighter pressure at the tip.


Once I feel like I have it filled in how I like it, I’ll take the spoolie and I’ll blend out what I’ve done. After that, I’ll get the comb again and brush all the hair upward again.


Lastly, I’ll run brow gel through them so that they don’t move during the day. Then I’ll take the spoolie one more time and, right above the brow, I’ll drag the comb from inner corner to outer. This way it helps tame any crazy strays. If I want them extra defined, I’ll take some concealer and an angled brush like this D255 brush from Cozzette and line underneath and above the brow. Then blend blend blend out the concealer.


I’m sure that can sound like a lot, but practice makes perfect. And the more you do them the more comfortable you’ll be and it will take less time. Remember, brows are sisters, not twins. They should look alike but not identical. If you look closely one side of your face is a little different than the other, so you’ll never be able to match them, no matter how hard you try.


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