Staying Healthy at the Grocery Store

There are times when I go to the grocery store with the best intentions, but end up getting home and unpacking a bunch of junk food. Most of us have been there, right? I know I can’t be the only one. There are a few tricks to keeping it healthy, and when I follow them I do better 99% of the time.


Avoid Hanger – Every time I’m hungry I buy the WORST junk! This one always seems like common sense but it’s the one I fail on the most. When I’m hungry, I think it’s a good idea to go down either the chip aisle or the cookie aisle so that I can tear into it when I get in the car. Then I usually end up bingeing almost the whole bag. That’s not good for anybody. So either I try to go after I’ve eaten breakfast, or I make sure to have a healthy snack ahead of time.


Stick to the outer edges – There’s nothing good for you in those middle aisles, so act like they don’t exist! Chances are, if it’s packaged, it’s not good for you, and all those packaged foods live in the middle. So stay away!


Don’t be fooled by “healthy” drinks – I like to just stick with water, tea, and occasionally coffee. There are A LOT of hidden sugars in most bottled drinks (always check your labels). Not only that but the chemicals from the plastic bottle are leaching into whatever is inside that bottle. So that means I even skip bottled water. Instead, I filter my water at home and use a glass water bottle when I need to.


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