3 Favorite Green Beauty Highlighters

Highlighters are my favoriiiiiiiiiite (Oprah voice). I love them because they make your skin look dewy and fresh. Like you got 10 hours of sleep when you’ve only had 4. I personally like it to look natural and lit from within. I want it to appear as if my skin is so healthy, it’s glowing. Not like I have a reflector strip on my face. I know some people feel the more highlighter the better. I just don’t want to look back and think what was I doing!? Like in the 90’s when lips were only lined with a brown or black pencil and not filled in, or brows were over plucked and made you look like you were losing your hair. Or the 80’s when hair couldn’t be high enough or permed enough. And blush was a big bright streak across your face. I think history proves when a beauty look is overdone it turns into a beauty regret.


There are 2 highlighters I reach for all the time, and one rose gold toned multi-tasking products.

The RMS Master Mixer is not only a beautiful highlighter but it can also be blended with any lip, cheek, or eye to give it a little extra oomph. Which green beauty highlighters are your favorite?

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