How I decompress

We all have those days where it feels like, no matter how positive you try to be, the day just wants to break you down. Days where it feels like you just need to go home and hide under the covers, of which I am totally guilty of doing. Hiding never really helps anything though. Instead, there are a few things I do to decompress while trying to keep it positive.

Bath/ Shower – I prefer a bath, but I know it’s not everyone’s thing, so choose whatever is right for you. The reason I like a bath for decompressing more than a shower is because it really helps me slow down and check in. I also like to take a book with me to really take my mind off of whatever has been stressing me that day. And of course, I always want a little something special in there like a bath bomb, or salt. This Release Milk Bath from Being is my absolute favorite. It has coconut milk, cocoa butter, rose petals, and sandalwood essential oils in it. Let me tell you, that cocoa butter in there makes is so luxurious and leaves you skin feeling so hydrated and nice after.


Tea – I got into tea around the time my stomach problems started. At the time it seemed like one of the only things that helped soothe my stomach. I started with tea bags, and since it was helping me feel a bit better, I started researching about tea (This book was probably the most informative). One of the more important things I found out was that with tea bags the tea gets over processed. This causes the tea to taste more metallic than it’s loose leaf counterpart. So after trying loose leaf I found that the taste was so much better. Also even just the process of making the loose leaf tea was soothing for me. It was another time I could slow down and check in. I like all kinds of tea, but I mostly stick to green and white teas since they’re higher in antioxidants and most are lower in caffeine. My favorite brand is Metolius tea. They’re out of Bend, OR and they source high quality, organic ingredients, supporting local agriculture, and avoiding synthetic natural and artificial flavoring. Every flavor I have tried is so beautiful and nourishing.


Plain ole’ quiet time – If it’s been one of those really bad days and I feel like I can’t even put the effort into doing anything, I’ll just go somewhere by myself to just have some quiet time. We don’t always think of silence as being a luxury, but on those days when everyone’s coming at you and there’s just too much noise and you just want to pull your hair out, it really is. If I have to lock myself in a room alone, or take a little walk, or even just wait up till everyone else is sleeping, I’ll do just that.


Reflecting on the good – When you’re in that negative head space, it’s sometimes hard to get yourself out. So to help myself try to get out of there, I’ll list positive things in my life. You can do this mentally or physically. I find physically is a lot of the time more helpful because then I can see it all written down right in front of my face. This, of course, can be difficult when you’re not in the mood. But even listing just 1 positive and focusing on that can change your whole outlook, and eventually, it will become easier.


A lot of times I end up doing these all together instead of just picking one or the other. Does it always work for me? No, not always, sometimes I end up just hiding under that covers afterward. But for the times where these things do help me, it’s priceless. When we don’t set aside any time to decompress and check in with ourselves, it can lead to both physical and mental breakdowns. So treat yo self, and once a week set aside some you time. Even if that means before or after everyone’s sleeping. What helps you decompress?


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