My Makeup Tool Must Haves

What you use to put on your face can make or break your look. If your brush is shedding it can leave a stray hair on your face or even make it look streaky. Some people use fingers, brushes, or sponges, I use a mix of all 3. All tools are not created equally, some are of course better than others. And you know I have my favorites. Cozzette, the brushes are so well made, vegan, and cruelty-free. The owner, Roque Cozzette, is also very much in tune with the positive mindset. And his snap’s on Snapchat are pretty hilarious. My second favorite brush company is Smith Cosmetics. A women-run company based out of Vancouver that makes quality tools for pro makeup artists. And of course, the queen of sponges Beauty Blender is my favorite sponge. The mini ones are great for concealing or even blending out a cream eyeshadow look. And I like the black sponge for my face because it can’t be stained with product.

Foundation & Concealing tools – You want something that will help you lay down foundation evenly, and that can help blend it out. If you’re going with a brush you want soft bristles that are also dense. Personally, I use a mix of brush, sponge, or just fingers. Just depends on what product I’m using and what I feel like using that day. If I do use a brush, it’s most likely a duo fiber brush, like this #2 brush, because it blends everything out so beautifully. I also really love the #1 brush for powder, it’s nice and fluffy but also has a tapered end so you can get into the small areas of the face. For concealing, I like to apply with the #8 brush and blend with the micro mini from beauty blender. Unfortunately, the #8 brush is only sold in the set right now but, this P370  brush is a lip brush but it’s pretty similar and will do just as good of a job.


Blush, Highlighting, Bronzing – With all 3 of these you need a tool that can pick up a good amount of product. Something that’s dense and can blend out your look nicely. For blush, I like the #3 brush, which is technically a contour brush, but I don’t really contour my own face. Gasp, I know, but I just like to dust some bronzer around the edges of my face more than doing a full-on contour. So for bronzing I like to use the S120 brush, it’s nice and soft and fluffy. Perfect for blending. I like the S165 for highlighting. It’s technically called an eye brush, but you can use any brush for any purpose, just do what works for you.


Eye tools – Your most essential eye tools are going to be something to lay down your shadow, and something to blend it out. The D240 and S175 do both beautifully. For me, personally, an eyeliner brush is essential as well because I prefer gel or liquid liners. And I’m absolutely obsessed with this 203 brush from Smith Cosmetics. It’s a micro angled brush, so it’s perfect for a cute casual cat eye.


Lip tools – For a long time I didn’t feel these were essential. I could get the looks I wanted by using just the lip products and my fingers. Then I met this beauty, the 302 from Smith Cosmetics, and it changed my lip game! It’s the shape that makes this brush so genius. It hugs every curve and edge of any lip. Now I don’t know what I would do without it. I wish there was a travel size to put in my bag!


Being a pro makeup artist, these are my favorite tools. Not even just for my kit, but for myself too. I would say the best bang for your buck would be this set from Cozzette. You get every tool you need and the quality is so good they’ll last you for 10 years or more if you take proper care of them. However, if that’s not in your budget, even in the slightest, Sonia Kashuk brushes at target are affordable and good quality. Or the absolute cheapest, your hands. What tools do you like?

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