Morning Routine

Meditate – This might sound hokey to some but, mediating really helps me keep calm and in control of myself throughout the day. I’m happier, things annoy me less, and stupid drama doesn’t matter. I’m way more on edge when I don’t, and it’s very noticeable. So I try to do this 1st thing when I get up.


Hot Lemon water – After I set my intentions, I’ll have a cup of hot lemon water. I usually heat the water up to just before boiling. You don’t want it to be too hot because it can get rid of all the benefits. Then I just use a regular mug and squeeze half a lemon in there. Even though citrus is acidic, lemon turns alkaline in the body. This helps aid in digestion and helps reset your system for the day.


Workout – I have to do this 1st thing, otherwise, it’s not going to happen (Confession, I’m not a fan of working out). I like to do a bit of yoga to help my body stay aligned, then some sort of cardio. Usually, either walking/ running with my dogs or, we have a rower so I’ll do at least 20 mins on there.


Smoothie breakfast – Lastly, I’ll make myself a smoothie for breakfast. It always has 2-3 leaves of kale, a banana, coconut water, chia, flax, and hemp seeds, and also goji berries. Other than that, I add some other sort of fruit like berries, pineapple, mango, apple, or pear. During summer, I’ll stockpile berries from the farmers market and store them in my freezer so that I have them through the winter.


What do you do in the morning?

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