My Wellness Journey

I thought I would give you a little back story of why I even started my journey into the wellness realm. Way back when I use to work in the healthcare field, I did so for a little over 10 years. In 2011 I had a breaking point with stress which ended up causing some health issues. I was so stressed at the job I was at that I would get physically sick every morning before going into work. I would also just feel constantly nauseous even when not working. Anyone who has a stressful job (which is most of us) knows at times that stress can be all consuming, even when not at work. Not only was I physically sick I also started getting very anxious which only exacerbated everything else going on.


After about a year at this job, and losing an alarming amount of weight in a very unhealthy way I realized something needed to change. I quit my toxic job and started doing something that made me happier, which ended up being commercial makeup artistry. After that a lot of my symptoms started to get better, but not fully. So I started to look into anything that could make me feel better. I also wanted to find a solution that wasn’t just a pill, because I had already been to the doctors so many times. And their answer was always a pill, which always came with another side effect.


I found that I needed a holistic approach to wellness. I had to revamp everything: diet, exercise, work/ life balance, even the way I thought about things needed to change. So I started reading books on mindfulness, detoxing my kitchen, making sure I had time off to spend with myself or with loved ones. Changing my eating habits was/is probably the hardest part of the process. Second hardest was changing my train of thought, but after going through the trauma of being sick for so long, it made it a little easier.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect, and there are always times I will slip up. In general, I try to stick to a dairy free, gluten free, low sugar diet. And on the days I do indulge, I make sure to jump right back into my veggie-heavy diet the next day. I don’t dwell on the bad choices and spiral into a cheesy, bready filled food coma for days on end. I try not to dwell on negative feelings. I forgave myself for past choices (after all, past experiences shape who you are today, right?). Just a few changes and my life was like day and night.


After I had my lifestyle change, friends and family were asking me what I was doing and they always wanted my tips. And even though it’s been a long time coming, that is why I started this blog. What makes you feel great?

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